Why Hire?

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Why Hire a Promotional Vehicle?

Hiring offers a significant advantage over purchasing a vehicle. From an environmental standpoint, it operates much like carpooling or using public transport, contributing to reduced traffic and lower emissions. By hiring, you decrease the number of vehicles on the road, leading to a healthier planet.

Moreover, purchasing a brand new vehicle means taking on the carbon and raw material debt required to manufacture and transport it. Opting for a second-hand vehicle might seem eco-friendlier, but if your intention is to customise it for a temporary campaign, it becomes an unnecessary burden. Selling a heavily modified vehicle later on can be challenging and less environmentally friendly.

Inactive vehicles gradually degrade over time, as they are meant to be driven. Components like batteries, brakes, tires, and engines suffer from inactivity, and replacing them is not environmentally friendly. While some car parts can be recycled, the process is not entirely clean. For example, car batteries are recycled for valuable materials like lead, while the rest often ends up in landfills.

Hiring is a more sustainable option for your carbon footprint, budget, and reduces the hassle of selling the vehicle afterward. We make it simple and easy to hire our Bugs for your event. We can get the vehicle branded, all you need to do is send the artwork, we then have one of our trusted team members to deliver and set up the Bug and remain on-site for any of your needs. In the booking process we have our Event Coordinator answer any questions you have and manage the hire. 



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