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There’s hundreds of UK Festivals to choose from and when it comes to deciding which one you’re going to, why not let the environment steer you? Festivals typically consume enormous amounts of energy and create a vast amount of waste. However, many sustainable festivals are taking the necessary steps to minimise their environmental impact. 

Shambala is taking the lead when it comes to creating a sustainable festival experience. In 5 years it’s reduced its carbon footprint by an impressive 81%! It’s also the only festival so far to receive a 5 star Creative Green certification. 

They use 100% renewable energy and are a meat and fish-free festival. The have banned plastic bottles and all food on site is in compostable cardboard and wooden serve-ware. 

Shambala are working hard to tackle waste. Festival-goers are charged a £10 Recycling Deposit, and it is fully refunded to those who bring their recyclables to one of the site’s Recycling  points. In 2017, 91% of waste from the festival was composted, used for energy or recycled. 

Latitude is a festival of music, dance, comedy, poetry, theatre, literature, podcasts, family activities and wellness, it has everything and more you’d imagine from a boutique festival. 

For over 15 years they’ve been investing into various initiatives to reduce their environmental impact and have been rewarded with a four star Creative Green rating for their efforts. 

They also have been running a scheme since 2017 to avoid sending any waste to landfill, resulting in them recycling 59% of their waste and the remainder going to create energy. Campers are given a waste kit on arrival to help sort their waste and can even win tickets to the festival for the following year. 

They have a strong partnership with Greenpeace, Every Can Counts and Big Green Coach – for every person who travels to the festival in a Big Green Coach it sponsors and protects five square feet of Amazonian Rainforest for 10 years. 

The Green Gathering lives by its name. There’s over 100 acts from music and magic to spoken word and crafts. Alongside this entertainment the festival wishes to inform and educate the guests, inspiring future generations to be responsible beings. 

They use renewable energy, supply organic food and drink from local suppliers and all food waste is composted onsite. They also run workshops for festival-goers on topics like foraging and avoiding food waste.

Our UNPLUGGED Bug is the perfect sustainable solution for your event, running completely off-grid, you’d be playing your part by hiring our DJ Booth.

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