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Why hire the Bug Club?

The Bug Club have been featured at some of the largest exhibition centres in the UK, including the NEC, Excel and Olympia. Our mobile DJ booths and bars offer many advantages over a traditional stand. They create a unique and memorable experience as they provide an engaging experience for your customers. 

Be Unique

Hiring a Bug as your exhibition stand sets you apart from other exhibitors, ultimately making your brand more memorable and generating buzz at the event. Hire one of our awesome DJs with the Discobug and entertain your audience whilst showcasing your brand.

Hassle Free

Our promotional vehicles are self contained units. This saves time, money and effort for assembling and dismantling a traditional stand, allowing you to focus purely on engaging your audience.

Increase Brand Visibility

Choose our Brand-A-Bug service, from logos to full vinyl wraps, simply send us your artwork and we do the rest. Our mobile DJ booths/bars also act as a moving billboard when it’s on the way to your event- Brilliant!

Meet the Bugs

The Party Machine
The Disco Bug

The Party Machine


Literally a mobile disco on wheels, raise the roof and have some fun! The one stop party solution.

The Eco-Friendly Giant
The Supersized Bug

The Eco-Friendly Giant

Extra Large

30% bigger, state of the art sound systems powered by renewables, our eco giant, festival friendly DJ booth.

The Unique Experience
The Bugbar

The Unique Experience


Pop up bars kitted out with everything you need to entertain your guests.

We offer a variety of options

Staffed or DIY Bars

Hire with DJs

Add your own DJs

Add your Branding


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you require electricity?

We are completely self-contained and can work virtually anywhere, when booking the UNPLUGGED BUG we run battery packs recharged by solar, using our custom built Martin Audio PA for up to 12 hours UNPLUGGED and then recharged by solar…however for all the other Bugs we do require a power supply, we also come prepared with extension cables upto 50m.

We can run from a single mains supply or a 16amp hook up. If there is no power on site generators can be arranged on request.

When hiring the Discobug we may require a second power source to drive the sound system.

Q: What are the dimensions of the Bugs?

All our Bugs are trailers, meaning they are easily manoeuvred and have no engines

Discobug & Bugbar Dimensions:

They are 4.5m L including the tow bar, 3.5m without, 1.85m wide and 1.95 high with the roof down. They weigh approx. 750 kilos and are easy to manoeuvre due to the central axis. We need flat, firm ground. They can be towed by a van or car.

Supersized Bug Dimensions:

5m L including the tow-bar, 4.2m without.
2.6m high
3.2m with display hatch up
2.3m wide

Q: What sound and equipment do you use?

Our speakers range from our flagship custom built, state of the art Martin Audio system which is available with the UNPLUGGED BUG (off grid DJ booth. We also run FBT sound. Typically catering for up to 500 people outdoors. DJ equipment is Pioneer.

If you require a larger sound system this is something that can be arranged when discussing your quote.

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