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VW Trailer DJ booth towed promotional vehicle

Here are our Pros & Cons on hiring a trailer rather than driving the promotional vehicle yourself. All of our Bugs are trailers, and we believe it’s the best way to promote your brand.

Pro – There’s less impact on the environment, our trailers aren’t pumping out pollution whilst they’re running. Our Supersized UNPLUGGED Bug is the great sustainable alternative for your event as it runs completely off-grid.

Pro – The trailers are very lightweight and fit in to buildings such as The Olympia, Excel, and the NEC.

Pro – Easy to manoeuvre: we’ve taken our Bugs into woodlands, through very narrow doorways and even on to a roof! Our Bugs are great for anywhere, anytime.

Pro – No oil spillage: you don’t want to have to worry about cleaning up any oil spillages or leakages and with a trailer you don’t have to worry.

Pro – Carry more weight across the two vehicles: this results in us being able to hold a lot of storage, from product samples to our amazing sound systems, you don’t have to worry about over-packing!

Pro – Not likely to breakdown mid-event: however flashy a motorised vehicle is, you can’t always trust that it might not break down mid event. With our trailers, once they’re loaded in, they’re there to stay.

Cons – Needs to be towed: at present electric vehicle do not have towing functionality, however we do offset our carbon emissions with Ecologi. Luckily, technology is catching up and we hope by 2024 we will have a sustainable solution and tow our trailers with electric vehicles.

Cons – Towing vehicle might require parking: sometimes we may need a parking space at the venue to keep our towing vehicle safe, if you don’t have this, we will find a solution.

Con – It’s not the original VW vehicle: we love the original VW Campervan and our trailers are modelled off of them, but they aren’t the real thing, sorry VW lovers!

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