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Bringing a promotional vehicle to a venue can be an exciting way to engage with your audience and make a lasting impression. However, it’s essential to have done preparation and ask the right questions to ensure a seamless and successful activation. In this article, we’ve compiled six essential questions that will help you screen for the best-fit scenario when booking a venue for your promotional vehicle.

  1. Are vehicles allowed at the venue?

The first question to address is whether the venue permits vehicle-based stands. Some venues might not entertain the idea at all, while others may have specific stipulations, such as fuel tank regulations or the need for a Banksman to oversee vehicle movement. It’s crucial to ensure that the venue is receptive to your promotional vehicle before proceeding further.

  1. What are the access requirements?

Understanding the venue’s rules of access is crucial for planning your display setup and take-down. Some venues may have strict access times, which can affect your campaign’s schedule. Knowing the access details in advance will help you plan logistics and align with the venue’s requirements.

  1. What power source is needed?

Power requirements can vary from venue to venue, and regulations may dictate the use of specific power sources. Inquiring about allowed power options, such as battery, solar, gas, or generator, is essential to meet your campaign goals and comply with venue restrictions.

  1. Do they supply power?

Inquiring about the venue’s power supply is essential for determining your power needs. Understanding the details, such as the number of sockets and power output, will help you plan how to power your promotional vehicle setup effectively. If the venue offers 3-phase sockets, you may need to use a splitter box to regulate power requirements.

  1. Are there any noise restrictions?

Noise concerns may affect your choice of power sources, especially if the venue has specific regulations to preserve tranquillity. It’s essential to ask all noise-related questions early to ensure compliance with venue policies. Finding a quiet power solution that respects the regulations might be necessary in some cases.

  1. What documentation do I need to provide?

Venues often require health and safety documentation to ensure that vehicles and setups comply with regulations and minimise potential hazards. Providing Risk Assessment Method Statement (RAMS) documents is a common practice, and it’s vital to understand venue requirements in advance to avoid last-minute modifications that could delay your activation.

Asking these essential questions before booking a venue for your promotional vehicle will help you avoid potential pitfalls and ensure a successful activation. Being prepared and well-informed will enable you to plan your campaign effectively and create a positive impact on your target audience. So, remember to address these crucial aspects to drive your marketing efforts to success! At The Bug Club we’re here to help every step of the way and have a team of people who can answer any of your questions.

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