Pride Street Party- “Do It Yourself” Hire

Pride Street Party- ‘Do It Yourself’ Hire

Brighton pride makes the streets come alive. The music, colour, glitter and the amazing Brighton community come together to protest and celebrate in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community.

Every Pride you can catch The Bug Club in and around Brighton. You can find us at the street party, the festival or the parade. It’s an important day in the Brighton calendar and we feel as a local Brighton business that it’s important to come out, and show our support with the LGBTQ+ community.

The Bug Bar outside Revenge over Pride was SO fabulous-the finishing touch to the celebratory feel. Drinks were flowing and the bar really added to the excitement and uniqueness of the weekend.

— Spike

Each venue hired our “Do It Yourself” option. This means they hired a bug bar and decor from us. Then they could sell and stock their own booze, keeping the profit. Clever idea for Brighton’s busiest and most profitable weekend.

For Bar Revenge, we decorated Gusto with their branding, decorating it with our bright flower garlands to create a stand out feature to the street party. Revenge loved our bar, their staff loved serving from it, and customers loved their experience.

Contact us today, if you’re interested in doing something similar.

We hired the Bug Bar for the Pride Village Party and it was amazing! So much fun to serve drinks from and the customers loved it- until next year!

— Laura, The Mucky Duck

For The Mucky Duck, we provided our Disco Bug, adorned with rainbow flags and garlands to celebrate Pride. We added the finishing touches for the well loved Kemptown Pub, providing a freezer and Eskie cool boxes for ease of service. The Mucky Duck used their own stock and staff to boost the party outside! Music was playing, and people flocked to try some of the tasty drinks on offer.

We love being at Pride, and helping local bars and pubs boost sales on one the the busiest weekends in Brighton. Our Do It Yourself options allow for a freedom and ease of service on such a labour intensive weekend.

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